Organization & Infrastructure

Where : Skydive Spa at Spa La Sauvenière Airfield
Rue de la Sauvenière 122 • B-4900 Spa • Belgium

Drop Zone Manager and Technical Director : John Delges

Pop’s Meeting Organization : Skydive Spa and Dominique Lawarree

Aircrafts  : 2 Cessna SuperVan 900 HP.

Competition Rules : As usual for FS4 and 6-8-10 way speed*.  

                    For Sport Accuracy and Hit’n rock see Pop’s rules. (Available on the Website)

 Events : FS4     —     6-8-10 –way speed*     —     Sport Accuracy   —   Hit’n Rock

*6-8-10 way speed will depend of the number of competitors and teams

 Infrastructure :       Carpeted packing hall, rigger loft, shop, manifest, video room, cafeteria,

Showers and Toilets,  …..

Rental Gears available.